Parent’s Guide

2018-2019 Fall Session Schedule:

2018-2019 Fall Session will be from 08/13/2018 to 01/18/2019
2018-2019 Spring Session will be from 01/22/2019 to 06/06/2019
2018-2019 Saturday Program will be from 08/25/2018 to 05/18/2019

ACS Registration Deadlines:

Fall semester        07/27/2017
Spring semester   01/11/2018
Summer Camp    05/18/2018

ACS Refund Policy

(A) Before the 1st day of school

* Full refund less $50 processing fee for cancellation accepted before the 1st day of school.
* Half refund less $50 processing fee and $60 material fee for cancellation accepted within the 1st week of school.
* No refund available for any cancellations from the 2nd  week of school.

(B) On or after the 1st day of school

* Half refund less $50 processing fee and $60 material fee for cancellation accepted within one week of registration

(C)   Monthly tuition is due on or before the 1st day of each month. Always pay on time to save your spot.

Parents Attention

(A) Our office hours are from 12:00pm to 6:15pm, M-F; 8:30am to 12:20pm on Saturdays. Please pick up your children on time. After office hours, parents will be charged a per-child late fee of $10.00 for arrival between 6:15pm-6:30pm (M-F) or 12:20pm-12:35pm (Sat.),  and an additional 50 cents per minute for arrival after 6:30pm (M-F) or 12:35pm (Sat.). Late pick-up charges are to be paid to the teacher on duty upon arrival.

(B) School hours are 3:15pm-5:45pm, Weekdays; 9:00am-12:00pm, Saturdays. For the safety of your child, you are required to come to the office and fill out the sign-out form for all early pick-ups. Best time for weekday’s pick-ups is 6:00pm-6:15pm.

The best time for Saturday drop-off is 8:30am-8:45am, for pick-up is 12:10pm-12:20pm.

(C) For students taking ACS transportation, please notify ACS Office for any schedule changes ASAP or at least one day ahead of time, if possible. ACS transportation will try their best to arrange for early pick-ups.  There are times; however, ACS transportation is unable to meet early pick-ups, parents are in full responsibility for the said pick-ups.

(D) Your child should bring his/her own lunch for any special (shorten) days.

(E) Parents are responsible for any irregular schedule such as field trips. ACS is not responsible for the pick up.

(F) To ensure a healthy learning environment, ACS reserves the right to expel any child who misbehaves seriously or continuously violates school rules. Please refer to the Refund Policy above.

(G) We reserve the right to include images of students on our website, publications, flyers and videos.

(H) School office phone numbers: 626-912-9988 or 626-912-9999


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